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Total: 14663
Online: 18


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Attention! For playing on hat you need to install new game client (3.5 dated 02.11.20), which you can find in section Files.
If after auto-update you can't enter into game, download patch from this link.
If you experience problems with cursor and game lags, then download and unpack into game root folder DDwrapper and set Windows XP SP3 compatibiliy for allods2.exe.

Allods2.euPlayers and ClansAllods2.eu Clans → Russia [Russia]

Russia [Russia]

Status: Active
Site (forum): http://a2russia.clan.su/
Current members:
Name Role
Саныч Recruit
Rog_ Soldier
NAPAS Officer
Юрок Officer
kostya Soldier
БесстрашныйВоин Soldier
Res Officer
Stress Soldier
Popecheni Soldier
Random14 Soldier
Дракула Soldier
Russsia GB Soldier
Jimbo Soldier
Бориска Soldier
Apostal Soldier
vishi Officer
Danik Soldier
зося Officer
kabka Soldier
Alpha1 Soldier
Viktor_K Soldier
dj_dwp Soldier
БАТОН Soldier
huligan91 Soldier
ethel Officer
SopranOhe4mg6wp Soldier
Lumen Soldier
Kosikov Soldier
Westwood Leader
Hecsus Soldier
Feomatar Soldier
goldenwater Soldier
Niku Soldier
Alt@rieL Soldier
Я Валяюсь Soldier
Zooma Soldier
Ололоша Soldier
Апприори Soldier
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02.06.2020 22:23:11

Stepan if you step into a shop and then you exit the game clicking alt F4 then your character will exit the shop and will be visible again - alternate solution you can just play another game until the map ends.

Softcore = PvE - the mode when people cannot fight each other

01.06.2020 13:15:52

What "softcore" means?

01.06.2020 13:15:28

@tinamu, I think the only way - is to run into shop or inn, and then alt-f4, wait for 5 mins and join another map.
For myself I also decided, that it's more important to improve experience, rather than buy new artifacts.

21.04.2020 21:56:10

Dude, play on softcore. It has a lot less frustration and everybody's willing to help

16.04.2020 22:25:11

Hardly can believe when same players kill other players at respawns and admins can't help it. Same nicknames, every time - 'Hamming|Way' 'белый|мечник' 'воительниц|беспорядка'. Hard and Horror maps.

Sorry - I'm confused with Humming|Way, sorry, mate. Someone else killed me at resp, not him.