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Total: 13630
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Attention! You need to install the new game client (3.3 dated 04.02.2020), which you can find on page Files.
In case you can't connect to the server after auto-updating the client, you need to download the patch by that link as well.
If you experience problems with cursor, then download and extract in game folder DDwrapper and run allods2.exe in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode.

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About us

What is Rage of Mages II?

Rage Of Mages II is a fascinating online RPG (Role Playing Game). Action takes place in an online fantasy world. In this world weapons and magic is in charge and mightiest clans are in brutal war. Every player that enters this world is surrounded by monsters ready to sink their teeth into him and other players ready to kill him. And to survive you will need to fight from the very beginning - for survival, for money, for developing. Only eternal battle can make player stronger and give him an ability to fight back and support his friends in a clan war. Eternal battle - is a secret of success in the world of Allods.

Game mechanics built in such a way that everyone is equal and only personal skills of players may make one of them strong and fearless warrior and force other ones live in a misery of stealing and looting.
There is no certain goal in Rage of Mages II. Every one chooses their own path in the game. You can be a field marshal or a financial tycoon or seeking a balance between them. And there is many ways to accomplish each of these goals. Freedom of actions is restricted only by Rules of this server. This set of rules was created to protect atmosphere of the game. Head of a powerful clan or an honourable merchant, great warrior or mighty mage - the choose is yours.

Moreover, Rage of Mages 2 does not restrict you to only one character. You can try to be whoever you want, by creating as many characters as you want. This allows you to try yourself in many different roles. You can be a respectable merchant, strong warrior and cruel newbie killer in a same time. And it depends only on your personal skills if others will figure out that each of these characters is created by single person.

Allods2.eu is a free online server. That is why you can be totally confident, that every player who gained respect here and who is winning in numerous tournaments, have achieved all of it using just his own skills. And you are able to be better than him. To start playing on Allods2.eu you just need to download a game client and patch for RoM2, register account on our site, log in and after that register game accounts. All you need is any internet connection and will to play, and most importantly to win.

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21.04.2020 21:56:10

Dude, play on softcore. It has a lot less frustration and everybody's willing to help

16.04.2020 22:25:11

Hardly can believe when same players kill other players at respawns and admins can't help it. Same nicknames, every time - 'Hamming|Way' 'белый|мечник' 'воительниц|беспорядка'. Hard and Horror maps.

Sorry - I'm confused with Humming|Way, sorry, mate. Someone else killed me at resp, not him.

11.04.2020 22:31:53

Hear ye, hear ye! The new English [EN] clan invites all anglophones of Allods 2 to join our friendful union.

08.04.2020 19:41:17

I'm glad you like it. This is a very good game and the server is great, so I felt it was a great shame that all the content existed only in Russian. English-speaking players ended up stopping playing before even Hard. That's a shame. My aim is to show the English-speaking community the real beauty of this game


we should move these posts from here. this shouldn't be on the homepage


Paypal sucks. it charges something around 3% to cash the money. And it's probably even higher in Russia. Moreover, it has some weird rules around chargebacks and whatnot. Anyhow, it becomes really annoying only after the first thousand. Before that, it's cheaper than ...

08.04.2020 01:51:01

I am very impressed reading your guide, Cthulchu. The rest entirely depends on every one who's playing, and how he or she follows given recommendations.
I'd like to help this project, but I never used to pay with PayPal, they say there are significant losses when paying using this service. Have you got, maybe, some bank account where I can do some money transfer, or maybe just using some services like Moneygramm or Western Union? Why not, as soon as we're kinda one big family? I will deal with that PayPal if there's no more ways to do this, by any reasons, of course.

Once again thank you for your enormous efforts, mate. It deserves to be highly appreciated and respected ...