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Attention! You need to install the new patch (2.4 dated 23.03.14). You can download the patch here

Allods2.eu → Allods2.eu hat news

Allods2.eu hat news

15 years of Allods 2!!!

Dear Alloders!!!

We are glad to announce, that today 15.04.2014, our loved game "Allods 2" released 15th of April in 1999 year, today congratulates 15th anniversary!

In respect of this holiday, all prices on auction house lowered by 50% till 20.04.2014 included.

Our congratulations to all you about such holiday and we wish you have a nice game!
Added: 15.04.2014 01:20

Chaos machine

Chaos machine put into operation on our hat. You can transform rare (quest) items into legendary, exalted or unique ones. Access to chaos machine is located at auction house in Vault section. See detailed description at forum
Added: 27.02.2014 04:56

New warrior's Adamant Full Set.

New Adamantium full warrior's set has been added on a Hardcore level. Items are placed in the same mobs as before on Trancer, Fantasy Quest, and Dream Quest middle level quest maps. Difficulty level of the quest mob groups has been slightly increased due to this change. This change does not apply on Softcore level. Detailed item description can be viewed here.
Added: 26.02.2014 06:13

PVM on hardcore discontinues, except first server!

ATTENTION PLAYERS!!! Servers 6 and 9 no more PvM! Due appearance of softcore (in coming 24 hours servers for game will be available), there is no need to protect players on hardcore realm. On hardcore might be hardcore! Best Regards, Allods2.eu administration
Added: 04.02.2014 01:09

Happy New Year

There will be a couple events running until 08.01.2014

- auction prices for all items bought for euros will be divided by 2

- experience from all monsters multiplied by 3

NB! Because of holidays in Russia, not all was able to purchase items from auction house, so we decided to extend date until 15.01.14.
Added: 01.01.2014 21:11

Changes in game servers

Added PvM servers on medium (6th server) and on hard (9th server) difficulties. From now it will be much safer for new players to join the game and also better for players who already playing this game. Good luck in-game!
Added: 14.12.2013 16:16

... details
Added: 10.12.2013 09:10

FAQ update #2

We got some new articles in english:

Playing at Linux OS

Monsters in RoM2 (Allods 2)

Thanks to Traphalet and Lordark!
Added: 08.12.2013 22:23

Earth protection for new players

Since you cant buy things with earth protection in shops (we are working at this problem atm), we add some jewels with with earth protection at several maps. It would help new players to play as warriors.

You could find this items at following maps:

Medium level of difficulty maps:
10 earth prot. amulet and 10 earth prot. bracelet - map "Monsters!"; guarded by harpies.

Medium level of difficulty:
20 earth prot. amulet - Terra Mortis, black dragon
20 earth prot. bracelet - Middle, black dragon

Enjoy :)
Added: 20.11.2013 21:50

FAQ update

Lordark and Traphalet made some good and useful translations:

Howto connect to our server
Alloder's dictionary
Added: 20.11.2013 20:24
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03.02.2014 11:40:28

hi guys

13.11.2013 16:07:36

u can ask me in game if u need some help. nicknames sirpadla and ZEL

09.11.2013 18:39:43

Contact me in the game, Kandrey. Look for Strauss, that would be me.

09.11.2013 18:10:25

Backstabbing is a part of the game, mate. Some people enjoy to play scoundrels and thiefs.. Its some kind of Role-Play (but some PKs are assholes in real life too hehe).

Now you have your personal enemies and you could, as skylike2010 said, revenge them. Its great fun and new goal in the game. There are a lot of people who don't like scammers. Try to find friends, join your forces to prevent bloody PKers. I'm sure you can do it, dude Good luck!

09.11.2013 14:42:39

I'm not a noob, I know all the tricks and ticks of the game. I AM JUST FKING TIRED OF RETARDS RUINING THE GAME for the rest of us!

I don't have 8 hours to play the game everyday, I have at most 1 hour. Because of them, it's much harder to get to a point where you can enjoy the game. Disrupting mail deliveries every 10 minutes, stealing, back stabbing, etc.

Have some HONOR, be a man, stop playing like an 8 year old psychopath and enjoy the game by collaborating and PvP after an agreement or at least PvP against those of equal strength like warrior vs c5 mage or warrior vs warrior, but NOT warrior vs mail delivery or c5 mage w/staff against mail delivery.

Because of this lawl ...