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Attention! You need to install the new patch (2.4 dated 03.06.14). You can download the patch here

Allods2.eu → Allods2.eu hat news

Allods2.eu hat news

Bonus 50% on Top Up euro balance!

Limited time "pre-Christmas & New Year" +50% bonus on Top Up euro balance!
From 17.11.2014 till 30.11.2014 included.
Added: 17.11.2014 16:44

Bonus on Top Up euro balance!

Limited time 25% bonus on Top Up euro balance!
From 24.10.2014 till 10.11.2014 included.
Added: 24.10.2014 14:38

Changes on softcore server

From now on all softcore servers with difficulties from easy to hard applied mode changes and set to PvM (Players vs Monsters), which will protect new players from harassment. In such mode players can't deal damage to each other. What about servers with "Horror" difficulty and quest servers, they are left without changes and there remains PvP mode.
Added: 29.08.2014 16:58

Exalted mage's set in chaos machine.

From today in chaos machine was added new mage's set. Good luck!
Added: 11.08.2014 14:54

Let's Play: Registration, account creation, downloading client and login to the hat

Added: 04.08.2014 23:31

Let's Play: Starter's Guide

Added: 04.08.2014 23:27

... details
Added: 01.06.2014 20:57

Clan system

New clan system has been developed for you. You can create a clan in personal cabinet. Clan tags of that system are impossible to falsify. Besides, clan players gat a 3% discount to auction comission. The system will grow, we have many plans on it.
Added: 12.05.2014 13:11

... details
Added: 30.04.2014 18:11

... details
Added: 30.04.2014 18:09
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21.11.2014 15:43:31

Man, you must on Softcore then, not on Hardcore. On Softcore after death there is no item drop and many servers are PvM.

21.11.2014 15:16:36

I am not sure how you do want to build a community in this game.
One guy gamer[SS] or whatever just came, killed me and I have lost everything.As a warrior I have no idea how can I farm ? delevel to EASY mode ? cos it is impossible for me to play on Hard with nothing.
I cannot even leave game if somebody joined in (waiting 30s)
Sory but after many hours I am off.I see no point of playing at this servers any more , when somebody can kill me in 2s after he joined the game.
Zero newbie protection, no way to run from PKer etc etc
I would definitely spend much more hours but now I am disgusted and all I can do is delete this game.

26.05.2014 19:50:37

Hi, yes the community pretty sucks, I understand all said above, but from another side its a challenge not to get caught, and to find you'd allies and friends the hard way, I'm a pve player 2, BTW we can open an English speakers guild without assholes and only help people

03.02.2014 11:40:28

hi guys

13.11.2013 16:07:36

u can ask me in game if u need some help. nicknames sirpadla and ZEL