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Attention! For playing on hat you need to install new game client (3.5 dated 02.11.20), which you can find in section Files.
If after auto-update you can't enter into game, download patch from this link.
If you experience problems with cursor and game lags, then download and unpack into game root folder DDwrapper and set Windows XP SP3 compatibiliy for allods2.exe.

Allods2.eu → Allods2.eu hat news

Allods2.eu hat news

Balance c78 reloaded on realm "Sandbox"

From 20.03.2017 balance c78 reloaded on realm "Sandbox", all old characters and items are completely deleted.

Added: 20.03.2017 21:59

Changes on hardcore servers

Gold drop from monsters increased by 2x.
Experience from monsters increased by 2x.
Range of Elven scroll "Teleport" increased to 17.
Duration of scroll "Wall of Earth" increased by 2 seconds.
Duration of Elven scroll "Wall of Earth" increased by 3 seconds.

Added: 18.01.2017 19:41

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

In case of that from 25.12.16 21:00 until 22.01.17 21:00 on euro auction house all lots will be discounted by -25%.
PS. Because of site's downtime caused by DDoS attacks and it's unavailability for players, discount extended for 2 weeks.

Added: 25.12.2016 21:41

Hat returns

Dear players!

We are glad to announce that hat is back and works properly.
All characters from Hardcore realm are relocated to Sandbox, so you can continue playing with old characters but with limited functionality (no quest cleaning and other).

Good luck and have fun!

Best regards administration of Allods2.eu

Added: 15.10.2016 15:23

Part of game servers are relocated to Moskow

Dear alloders, we are glad to announce, that part of hardcore game servers now are located in Moskow.

What does it means for players? It means that, if you live in Moskow or somewhere near to it, then ping will be much better and you can forget about lags in game.

Moskow game servers have prefix [RU] and french have [FR].

Good luck and have fun!

Added: 03.06.2016 15:48

Offer: Start of summer season!

Summer season has started!

In case of that from 02.06.16 until 15.06.16 on euro auction house all lots will be discounted by -25%, also top up bonus for euro balance +50%.

Added: 02.06.2016 13:30

Happy Birthday to Rage of Mages 2!

Dear alloders!

We are glad to congratulate everyone with 17th anniversary of our lovely game "Rage of Mages 2: Necromancer". We remind you, that game was released 15th of april in 1999 year.

In case of that day from 15.04.16 17:00 MSK until 18.04.16 17:00 MSK on euro auction house all lots will be discounted by -50%.

Added: 15.04.2016 16:41

Crafted items in chaos machine have no more recovery

All crafted items, which disappeared starting from 01.03.2016 no more will be recovered, because of ending 2 years from the chaos machine was started. It means, that our proposal about recovering items in that period has ended.

Purchased legendary and exalted items (from euro auction house) still can be recovered in case of game bug or in other situation, if will be prooved their disappearance. 

Added: 05.04.2016 11:42

Discount time!

New promotion on hat from 14.02.16 till 29.02.16 included, will be represented in such way:

  • Working days (Monday - Friday):
    You will be offered to purchase every euro lots with "dynamic" discount.
    What does it means you will ask... And means it, that every single hour in day this is the coefficient in percents to which is added one additional, in the results of which will be price subtracted by this amount. By simple words discount in percents.
    Example: If server time is 12:10 (12:10 AM), then discount is 12+1 = 13%. If server time is 21:59 (9:59 PM), then discount is 21+1 = 22%.
  • Holidays (Saturday - Sunday):
    25% bonus on top up euro balance.
Added: 14.02.2016 14:03

All prices on euro auction house reduced by -50%.

... details
Added: 08.10.2015 13:17
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25.03.2024 12:30:14

Hi There
I Downloaded the Client (Version 3.5), I created the Login in Cabinet, now I am trying to run the game - it says "Failed to download updade".
I tried to download the patch via Link, but its the same Client 3,5 with patch version 30.
It would be ok to play offline for me as well - can I do it ?
Could anyone help?
Help would be most appreciated.

09.07.2023 11:13:04

You should use to Create a game login for playing under your Cabinet.

02.07.2023 07:41:15

Hi, I've just installed Allods and registered, also received the verification e-mail but when I start to play after entering my nick and pw game says "invalid pw or login" or something like that. Anyone knows what cold be the problem? Tnx

18.12.2022 14:03:59

Well in 2022 Its still little populated. Web pages , auctions still working. Active GM team. Just need post discord on web or somewhere because Its hard to find. I find it somehow but can't send invite.

02.06.2020 22:23:11

Stepan if you step into a shop and then you exit the game clicking alt F4 then your character will exit the shop and will be visible again - alternate solution you can just play another game until the map ends.

Softcore = PvE - the mode when people cannot fight each other