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Attention! For playing on hat you need to install new game client (3.5 dated 02.11.20), which you can find in section Files.
If after auto-update you can't enter into game, download patch from this link.
If you experience problems with cursor and game lags, then download and unpack into game root folder DDwrapper and set Windows XP SP3 compatibiliy for allods2.exe.

Allods2.euBeginner's handbookArticles, useful information → Alloder's dictionary

Alloder's dictionary


А2 — Allods II.
АК, АКП, Антикамень — Protection from elemental attacks
Акк, аккаунт (English: account) — Reffers to the log-in account used by a player
Аком — Reffers to this hat's web address: allods2.eu
АляAlly — An allied player displayed in the Diplomacy screen (accessible by pressing "F3" or ESC→Diplomacy).
АльтALT — Getting out of the game by using the key combination "ALT + F4" when the character dies. By doing this action there is no experience loss to the character, however it is recomended to wait 4 minutes until logging in back to the game, as the character still remains in the game for this period of time.
Амуль — Amulet.
Анет — Reffers to the old Allods 2 hat - Allods.net
АПК, АнтиПКAPK /Anti PK — reffers to a player who protects other players from PKs (ПК).
АренаArena — A game mode where character doesn't loose experience or items after death. It is used for PvP training and in the arena the regeneration potions don't work.
АстралAstral — Used as reference for: 1. One of the five magical elements in Allods 2; 2. Full Astral skill on a certain mage player; 3. The Amulet for Warrior found in map Astral Quest (Horror).
Афк (AFK, away from keyboard) — means that a player is currently not at the keyboard (computer).

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БагиBugs — Bugs and glitches that occur in both the game client or server-side due to errors on the developers' side. (see also чит)
БлагоBless — Reffers to the spell "Bless".
Ботинки — Shoes / Boots.
Ботлы (bottle) — A bottle of Health or Mana potions. This term is almost never used anymore now (see also пропы).
Брас — Bracelet.

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ВайпWipe — Removal of the player base, all characters must be created again.
Вамп — The «Drain Life« spell.
ВарWar — When you and another player become enemies. Can be set in the Diplomacy window by pressing "F3" or ESC→Diplomacy and by doing so, the character will automatically attack the enemy when he appears next to him.
ВидVision — The ability to let another player see your character and your character's field of view. Can be set in the Diplomacy window by pressing "F3" or Esc → Diplomacy.
Виз, визард — Mage, wizzard.
ВисLag — see лаг

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ГайдGuide, Tutorial — A step by step guid to achieve a certain goal (eg. guide for cleaning a quest map).
Гарпа — Succubus (commonly named Harpy or Garp).
Го, гоуGo — An indication for a player or a team to go somewhere in order to beat a monster, change the map, etc.
Гобы, гоблы — Goblins.
ГМ — GameMaster, an authorized person on the hat.

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Д# — Things that increase the Spirit attribute by a specified number of points. Д = Spirit attribute, # - the number of points (eg. Д3 - increases the Spirit by 3 points).
ДаблDouble — Rapid use of magic, two or more times in a row.
Дисконнект — Disconnect.
ДЛ — Used as reference for: 1. The Map DarkLand (Horror); 2. The mage items that can be obtained from the map DarkLand.
Драк — Dragon.
ДТПTeleport — Cast the "teleport" spell using an Elven Scroll which provides a longer than usual range for the spell.

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Закаменить, заКПшить, заморозить — Reffers to the use of "Stone Curse" spell.
Закл — Spell.
Зел, зелкаPrimary stats potion — see also пропа

-=- наверх -=-


К — Abbreviation for thousand (1k — 1,000).
КК — Abbreviation for million (1kk — 1,000,000).
КастBuff — The use of elemental protection spells, haste, bless or other beneficial spells for the character or other players.
Кач — The process of gaining experience points and improving the skills.
Качалка — A place where the character gains experience points fast by attacking high health points monsters. The damage delivered to these monsters is minimal and their auto-heal rate prevents them from dying. This action can be performed by multiple players on the same monster, in turns, provided ofcourse that one of the players keeps healing the monster when it's health gets low.
Квест, квестовая картаQuest map — A map with stronger monsters but with rare drops.
Квестовые вещиQuest items — Items collected from the quest maps (квесте). These items are sold for only 1 Gold at shops, but the magic attributes of these items are worth all the trouble for getting them.
Кемпинг, кемп, кемпатьCamping, Make camp — An action performed in the game in order to release the character from the map (ESC → End Mission → Make Camp).
Кира — Armor, cuirass.
КланClan — A group of players having similar goals/interests. The clan name of a player is represented by the last part of his nickname, right after the symbol "|"
КлонClone — A double, a character with the same name.
Кольцо — Ring.
КП — The spell "Stone Curse".
КПшить — The use of spell "Stone Curse".
Кругобег1. The evasion process of one player from another during a fight.; 2. Player runs away.
Крысы — Used as reference for: 1. Bats - The monsters in the game; 2. An unscrupulous player trying to get hold of someone else's misfortune. (eg. someone who picks up someone else's stuff after his character dies).

-=- наверх -=-


Л, Лям, Лим, Лимон — A million (abbreviated).
Лярд — A billion (abbreviated).
Л# — Things that increase the Agility attribute by a specified number of points. л = Agility attribute; # - the number of points. (eg: л2 — increases the Agility by 2 points).
Лаг Lag) — A delay in sending information to the server due to a bad connection. An "inhibition" of the game engine due to a multitude of errors in the code or a delay in executing player's and monsters' actions.
Лавка — Shop.
Левак — A character created by a player to play without revealing his real identity. Usually created to backstab his allies.
Лифт, лифтёрMule — A character created to carry items within maps of different difficulty levels.
Лорд, лотр — The map Lord of the Rings (Hard).
ЛутерTo loot, Looter — The action of looting someone's stuff, a player that steals other people's stuff (bags).
Люды — Ogres.

-=- наверх -=-


Магаз — Shop.
Мак — Non-elven scroll that provides protection (see АК) from Earth (Is currently not used on the Hat).
Меш — A bag with things.
МобыMobs — All non player characters (npc) in the game (trolls, ogres, spiders, city guards, etc).
Мухи — Bees (Giant bees NPC).

-=- наверх -=-


Наручники — Boots.
НикNickname — Used to reffer to a character's name.
НевидInvisible — The spell "Invisibility".
Некр, негр, некрос — Necromancer.
Ноги — Leggings
Нуление — The action of pressing the Space bar after the character dies. This reduces the character's experience by 10% every time the character dies and the Space bar is pressed.
Ньюб, нубNoob, newbie — Someone new to the game.
Ныка — A place where a player can hide from other players. Usually this resembles a spot on a mountain, or behind a tree where there is only one available spot to teleport to.

-=- наверх -=-


Оак — Used as reference for: 1. The map Order against Chaos. 2. The best full mage set of clothes obtained from the map Order against Chaos (Hard).
Острова — The map Four Islands (Hard).
Отдача — The action of loosing a full set of clothes/armor (see фулла) in a PvP.
Отец"Father" — Reffers to a player with a good game experience, this is someone who can win almost every PvP battle. Usually this player has the respect of the other players.

-=- наверх -=-


Палка — Staff.
ПвМPvM — Player vs. Monsters type of maps where players cannot inflict damage upon other players.
ПвП — PvP — Player vs.Player type of maps where players can fight other players.
Перс — The character, the hero.
Перчи — Gloves.
ПК PK — A player who kills other players.
Плечи — Cloak, Cape.
Подкир, подкира — Body Armor - eg. Chainmail.
Прокл — The «Curse» spell.
Пропива, пропа, пиво — A potion Body, Agility, Mind or Spirit which permanently raises the respective skill by 1 point when used.
Птичка — Dragon. It is also possible to use Птицы as a reference to bats.

-=- наверх -=-


Р# — Things that increase the Mind attribute by a specified number of points. P = Mind attribute; # - number of points. (eg. P4 — increases the Mind attribute by 4 points).
Радуга — The Prismatic Spray spell, also known as Rainbow Lightning.
Радужка — A staff which casts the Prismatic Spray spell.
Рар, рарка — A unique and occasional thing in the game which can be obtained, for example, in the tournaments.
Рара — The map «Rara Avis Quest» (Horror).
Рег — Used as a reference for: 1. Healing Potion; 2. A ring or amulet with the health regeneration magic attribute.
Роба — Mage robe.
Руки — Gloves

-=- наверх -=-


С# — Things that increase the Body attribute by a specified number of points. C = Body attribute; # - number of points. (eg. C5 - increases the Body attribute by 5 points.).
Свит, скролл — Scroll.
Скел — Skeleton.
Скемпать — Another term used for Camp (ESC→End Mission→Make Camp).
Склад — Warehouse/Mule, a character where the player keeps most of his belongings.
Слёт — A situation in which the player suddenly quits the game but still having his character in the map for 4 minutes. (when the internet connection cuts off, power cuts off, etc )
Слутать — Pick-up a bag. Слутать кого-либо — Pick up the bag from a dead player.
СтатыStats — reffers to the character's primary stats: body, agility, mind, spirit.
Стенки, стенить — The use of "Wall of Earth" spell.
Стойка — A duel between players.

-=- наверх -=-


Тапки — Leggings.
Телеп, ТП — The use of the "Teleport" spell using an Elven Scroll or the spell itself in the case of the Magi.

-=- наверх -=-


Фаербол, фаер, фб — The "Fireball" spell.
ФлудSpam — Unnecesary and repetitive chat lines by the same player.
Фул, фуллFull — A set of clothes, such as the Full RT - complete set of items obtained in the map RandTomb, or Full Fire - complete set of items, each adds to the Fire skill of the Mage).

-=- наверх -=-


Хелсы, ХПHP — The number of hitpoints (health).
ХэтHat — Allods2 master server.
Хилить — The action of Healing or being healed by someone.
ХОТHOT — Contact administration: (allods2.eu/ru/cabinet/hot/)

-=- наверх -=-


ЧисткаCleaning/Clearing — The process of obtaining all the available items in a map by killing the monsters that drop it.
ЧитCheat — A cheat, an action that gets an unfair advantage over the opponent.

-=- наверх -=-


Шапка, шляпаCap, Hat — Anything that can be worn on the head.
Шмот — Another term used for clothing.
Штаны — Pants, leggings.

-=- наверх -=-


Экспа — Experience.

-=- наверх -=-

Frequently used phrases

Сел в магаз — Reffers to a player that has low health points and hides in a store to avoid being killed until his enemies are gone. This is usually considered a noobish behavior and a sign of weakness.
Водить монструLed by the monster — Someone is leading a group of monsters to kill or stop other players.
«В понедельник»On Monday — This is a phrase used to state that something will happen during next update or upgrade. It does not necessary mean that there will be an update next monday. Say you ask a GM to put up a new map, and the answer you'll get is "On monday", meaning that the respective map will be up during next update. If someone else, other than a GM, promises something "on monday" the chances are it will never happen.
-=- наверх -=-

Translated by Traphalet
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25.03.2024 12:30:14

Hi There
I Downloaded the Client (Version 3.5), I created the Login in Cabinet, now I am trying to run the game - it says "Failed to download updade".
I tried to download the patch via Link, but its the same Client 3,5 with patch version 30.
It would be ok to play offline for me as well - can I do it ?
Could anyone help?
Help would be most appreciated.

09.07.2023 11:13:04

You should use to Create a game login for playing under your Cabinet.

02.07.2023 07:41:15

Hi, I've just installed Allods and registered, also received the verification e-mail but when I start to play after entering my nick and pw game says "invalid pw or login" or something like that. Anyone knows what cold be the problem? Tnx

18.12.2022 14:03:59

Well in 2022 Its still little populated. Web pages , auctions still working. Active GM team. Just need post discord on web or somewhere because Its hard to find. I find it somehow but can't send invite.

02.06.2020 22:23:11

Stepan if you step into a shop and then you exit the game clicking alt F4 then your character will exit the shop and will be visible again - alternate solution you can just play another game until the map ends.

Softcore = PvE - the mode when people cannot fight each other