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Attention! For playing on hat you need to install new game client (3.5 dated 02.11.20), which you can find in section Files.
If after auto-update you can't enter into game, download patch from this link.
If you experience problems with cursor and game lags, then download and unpack into game root folder DDwrapper and set Windows XP SP3 compatibiliy for allods2.exe.

Allods2.euBeginner's handbookHow to start playing on Allods2.eu → Beginners guide

Beginners guide


      So, after playing a single player, you finally decided to check how strong you are comparing to other players? And you decided to do it here - on hat.allods2.eu , well your choice is correct.



How to start playing on hat.allods2.eu?



Creating a character:

      In order to start playing Rage of Mages 2 (or Allods 2) for the first time you need to create an account on our site and accounts for game. After that launch the game (allods2.exe) and click on


      , enter your

Login and Password

      and create

new character

    .  There are 2 types of characters in game: a mage and a warrior, after deciding what class to play, you will be able to choose its gender. While both genders are available, we strongly recommend you to play a male character - in the very beginning of your gaming experience you won't notice any difference, but at higher levels the difference is dramatically big - male is naturally stronger, due to higher amount of body stat. So dear girls, no one will insult you, if you will make a male character with a girlish name. But now let us introduce you in the world of magic and close combat, to help you to finally decide which class to pick.
  •   A Mage1. A mage class is the best possible solution if you need to earn some gold coins or to get magic armor or special consumables which permanently adds to your overall stats +1 body/reaction/mind/spirit (in future - potion) in a short period of time.

    2. Mage can permanently learn new magic spells and improve its strength by increasing his magic skills (there are 5 schools of magic: fire, water, air, earth and astral). Each time your character dies it will lose 10% of it's overall experience (you can avoid it by using Alt+F4 instead of pressing your space button (after using Alt+F4 you need to wait till your character logs off from the server, it takes approximately 4-5 minutes (you can check your character status on http://www.allods2.eu/en/status )).Unfortunately you can't prevent your character from losing its armor and everything else, but gold coins, from its inventory, so the bag with the goods will still appear at the place where you died, and other players can steal it if you or your allies are not fast enough. And here comes the other mage advantage: while being naked (i.e. not wearing armor) a warrior is completely useless, while a mage is still strong enough to fight against hostile creatures and even other players.

    3. Mage armor costs cheaper and is easier to get, than a warrior one, and even more, the mage armor is more flexible, you can wear armor which adds skill to any school of magic (for an example: armor with +15 astral skill) or stats like spirit or mind, while warrior is forced to wear items with +body stat, otherwise he is weak in close combat and therefore - useless.

    4. It is much easier to gain experience as a mage, because he uses ranged attack, and can kill monsters from the distance, while a warrior needs to face his enemies in close combat, hence he takes more damage than a mage (not including moments when a warrior uses his ranged weapon).

    5. However, mage has some weaknesses: his health pool is noticeably smaller than the warrior's one, mages wear 2 items less than a warrior and can only use staves, saying in other words if a mage faces as good geared warrior as he is, warrior will win the fight.
    •   A Warrior
      1. A warrior has high health pool and he doesn't have a mana pool, because he doesn't need it. Therefore warrior is unable to use his own magic, just because it doesn't exist, but there is a solution: he can use scrolls, which can be bought in the shops. A warrior without scrolls is very weak and can't stand against high level monsters or experienced player.

      2. Good geared warrior deals way more damage than a mage equipped in the same level items. In close combat warrior can use swords, pikes, maces, axes, in ranged - bows and crossbows.

      3. Warrior wear 2 items more than a mage, hence him having more opportunities when making his final gear set, which better fits players game style.

      4. If played well, a warrior uses his scrolls faster than a mage casts his spells. In the very beginning of the game scrolls deal more damage than mage's spells, but as soon as you rise your magic skill high enough it become opposite and at highest level mage's spells are much stronger.

      5. The major disadvantage of a warrior is that he useless without good armor, he needs scrolls and he is harder to play. So if you want to play a warrior you need to be ready to spend a lot of gold coins in order to cover the bills.

Summary: So, which class to pick? The best way and the way we strongly recommend is to pick a mage. You can earn a lot of gold coins (~1 billion), get potions, armor with body stat, and then make a strong warrior and fight with it, in other words a warrior is a battleship but a mage is the one who supplies him with ammo and fuel.
Ok, everything should be clear by now, so let's proceed.

Character stats:

When you create a character you can select its main stats (body, reaction, mind, spirit), we recommend you to pick the following combination: 34-34-34-34. The reason is easy to explain: it's the cheapest way to get all the stats to the top by using potions in the end. As well as character stats you will be able to select your character main skill. Increasing your main skill will take 2x less time than the rest, but astral skill for a mage and ranged skill for a warrior (it takes as much time to rise astral and ranged skills as the main one). It's better to pick the skill which is harder to rise and which won't be used a lot (earth for a mage and mace for a warrior, however we would like to warn you, that maces are rare in the beginning of the game).

Character type

PK - Player Killers:

  •   They are PvP oriented players, who prefer to fight other players over killing hostile creatures - monsters.

    There are few types of Player Killers:
      •  1.The ones who kill everyone in their sight.
            Players from this group kill other players because they are bored or just want to show their power, they can't care less about you spending a lot of time to gain your armor or about you being harmless to them, they kill everything (apart from better skilled players). Don't try to threat them with death, they are not afraid of it, however if you got killed by a better equipped player on "easy" and "medium" level servers you should contact administration, and the one who killed you will get punished.

        How to avoid these players:
            try to avoid standing in the cities, actually, try to avoid standing at all, always move, you need to mobile. Player Killer won't bother himself trying to catch you, especially if you don't have any goods he needs.
      • 2. The ones who kill for goods
            These group is really annoying for the beginners, but you have to be strong and patient, because it's very important part of the game, your future gaming experience highly depends on how fast you realize it and how fast you learn to avoid such players, and later on you will be strong enough to not run away but instead fight them and eventually win.

          These ones aren't that bad as the previous ones, they don't kill anyone without armor/goods and actually they try to avoid killing new players (however sometimes they kill even naked players, but if they do, they have their reasons, which you will understand later on)
      • 3. APK - the ones who kill PK.
          These ones are rare nowadays. They try to help new players and even guard them.
        The most important point is to not give up, even if you lost your armor, you don't have any other, you are out of gold coins, and Player Killers always kill you, don't give up. Even the current best fighters were as inexperienced as you are, but they didn't give up and now they're strong enough to kick everyone's ass.

Increasing your skills.

    Your main task in the beginning is to slowly, step by step, understand game and playing mechanics. You need to find new friends (it's much easier and more fun to play in a group), you need to work on your reputation, if you won't do it - you won't be welcome in high end gaming and won't receive any help from experienced players. There are many ways how to work on your reputation, but they are almost the same as in real life, so I don't see any reason to explain all of them, but I want to focus your attention on the most important one: never ever argue with experienced player about things that are unknown for you yet, it's not tolerated here.

What and How to skill up.

      A mage actively uses all of the available schools of magic, so you need to skill up everything, but don't worry, it's not hard at all. You have 2 opportunities: to rise your skills slowly and balanced, and step by step increase the difficulty of servers, or you can rise your main skill really fast and then increase secondary skills by using them on high level monsters, this way is much faster, especially considering that at higher level a mage has "area of effect" spells like blizzard and wall of fire (1 spell can hit many targets at the same time).


      So when can you switch to higher difficulty?



    • At higher levels monsters are naturally stronger: they hit harder, they have bigger health pools, they use stronger magic spells, their resistances to magic and weapons are higher, but don't be afraid - you become stronger as well. It's recommended to find a good spot on the map where you can safely kill monsters and gain experience, and don't forget that this is multiplayer online game, and it's based on connection between people, so if you are playing on yet unknown for you map ask other players, and someone surely will help you to find such a place. Also, don't regret losing your armor, it isn't worth it, because at higher levels you will be able to get much better and stronger items, your main goal is to gain experience not items.


      If you play a warrior, and he has good armor, you can fight really strong creatures, like skeletons, trolls, zombies and ogres, hitting them gives you a lot of experience, but do not underestimate their power, they kill stuff. Most of the monsters have their resistances to weapon types, for an example it's better to use an axe or a sword against an ogre or a troll, an axe against a skeletons and a mace against zombies, pike is neutral weapon type, and while some mobs have resistance to pikes it's not big, and you still can effectively use your pike against them.

      So let's say you just entered a hard level server, what should you do? First of all you need to buy new spells, luckily monsters on hard level server drop more gold coins and better goods than on previous servers, so your income will eventually rise. If you can't kill a monster, try to kite it to the nearest city guards, and they will help you, you won't earn a lot of experience this way, but at least you can earn some coins. Also, many of experienced players while killing monsters to level up their new made character do not pick up bags from killed creatures, and mostly they don't mind if you take them.


So which books should you buy first?

      Here is the sequence we recommend:


1. Stone Arrow/Ice Arrow/Fire Arrow/Lighting
2. Haste
3. Fireball
4. Protection from every school of magic.
5. Wall of Fire
6. Wall of Earth
7. Invisibility
8. Teleport
9. Blizzard


      It doesn't matter in which order you buy the rest of the books, but we recommend you to buy the Stone Curse as the last one, because it's the most expensive and is really needed only at the highest level.



    •   There are 3 possible ways to get potions:
          You can buy them from other players. They are not that expensive, but you have to be aware, because you can get cheated. So try to find players with good reputation whom you can trust.

          After reaching 18 millions of experience, you can get a potion as a reward in taverns for completing hard quests that reward you with more than 1 million of gold coins or experience points. For an example, if you complete a quest, which asks you to kill a dragon(4), you will be rewarded with 1,562,750 gold coins or experience points, for such quest you will be able to select a potion as a reward. If your character stats are topped, you won't be able to select a potion as a reward, so if you want to continue farming these potions you have to leave 1 point of each stat untrained.

          You need to create a mage, and rise his experience to >50 millions, it's very important that none of his stats (body,reaction,mind,spirit) are toped (leave 1 point of each stat). Then you can complete quests, where you need to deliver an important message from 1 tavern to another one, for each quest you will be able to select a potion as a reward. To ease your jumping, you can use resurrection and call spirits, if you position them properly they won't get attacked by other monsters and the area around them will be visible for you, so you can equip items with +astral skill and teleport really far, which makes your jumping between tavern fairly fast.

          But it's not that easy and fast to make a mage with 50 million experience points, we will give you a tip how do it:

          You have to raise your magic skills up to 92, but your astral skill ~65-70, then you start completing quests, where you need to deliver an important message, the best maps for it are: Middle, Tier, MADP, Autumn, heaven. After ~1,5-2 hours of jumping between taverns you will earn ~30 millions experience points, while jumping try to avoid using any other spell but teleport (sometimes you will have to use invisibility to avoid player killers, and never forget about protection from earth).


      When you finished with your mage, earned some gold coins, you are finally able to make a warrior and buy/get everything he needs - potions, scrolls and armor set with items adding +3/4 body to your overall stats. These items are placed in monsters in quest type maps - with increased difficulty. It's fairly hard to kill these monsters, and you will need to use some tactics in order to kill a particular monster that holds the item you want. We recommend you to ask your friends to teach you or at least give you some tips, and then you should train a bit in local game, where you don't have a risk to lose your armor. You can also buy this armor from other players.


    The most important scrolls for your warrior are teleport and protection from earth (Elven - the one which adds +50 resistance). We also recommend you to train a bit on special server called Arena, this server is always online and you cannot lose anything there, you can also get a full set of armor for both mage and a warrior classes.


And finally let us give you a warm welcome to the world of magic and close combat, to the world of friendship and constant war, to the world of epic and adrenaline-full fights.

For more information, please checkout this guide on the forum. Also, don't hesitate to comment in case you have more questions.

Translated by Requiem.


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25.03.2024 12:30:14

Hi There
I Downloaded the Client (Version 3.5), I created the Login in Cabinet, now I am trying to run the game - it says "Failed to download updade".
I tried to download the patch via Link, but its the same Client 3,5 with patch version 30.
It would be ok to play offline for me as well - can I do it ?
Could anyone help?
Help would be most appreciated.

09.07.2023 11:13:04

You should use to Create a game login for playing under your Cabinet.

02.07.2023 07:41:15

Hi, I've just installed Allods and registered, also received the verification e-mail but when I start to play after entering my nick and pw game says "invalid pw or login" or something like that. Anyone knows what cold be the problem? Tnx

18.12.2022 14:03:59

Well in 2022 Its still little populated. Web pages , auctions still working. Active GM team. Just need post discord on web or somewhere because Its hard to find. I find it somehow but can't send invite.

02.06.2020 22:23:11

Stepan if you step into a shop and then you exit the game clicking alt F4 then your character will exit the shop and will be visible again - alternate solution you can just play another game until the map ends.

Softcore = PvE - the mode when people cannot fight each other